Adding value to your house


You may not know it but if you are interested in property investment, there are easy changes that you can make to a house that will add pounds and pounds to the final value of the place.

Simple things like just paying somebody to deep clean the whole house (even if you think its clean) can make a marked difference to first impressions.

You may also be interested to know that trees can make a huge difference to the value of a house. Yes just having trees out the front can be a massive boost to a property value – check out this tool to find out home much trees can add:

As well as cleaning just doing something as simple as upgrading your flooring can make a huge difference to a house price. Hardwood floors are particularly effective at increasing house value.

Other tricks for the value minded individual include things such as improving technology fixtures – you probably have internet in your house so you could use wiring for example instead of wireless which increases speed as well as well as reduces health risks.

Don’t forget to make sure your house looks the best possible way it could when viewed from the outside – at the front especially. How your house looks from the road is known as ‘Kerb Appeal’ and is another big factor in the overall price.

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